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Biopsy of the vulva

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Find out about having a sample of tissue taken biopsy from your vagina, how you have it and what happens after. This means removing a sample of the tissue from the affected area of the vagina. The doctor sends the sample to the laboratory where an expert pathologist examines it. You have the test to find out if you have pre cancerous changes VAIN or cancer of the vagina. If you have cancer, looking at the cells under the microscope will show which type of vaginal cancer it is.
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A vulvar biopsy is an excellent method of obtaining microscopic information whenever there is a vulvar lesion of uncertain significance, or in the presence of persistent symptoms, such as vulvar irritation or itching. There are many good ways to perform a vulvar biopsy. Among them is the use of the Keyes Punch, demonstrated here. The Keyes Punch has a sharpened, round tip, designed to take a vertical core from the epithelium. After selecting the biopsy site, repare the skin with antiseptic, such as alcohol, iodophore, or other suitable material.
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Posted 5 years ago , 13 users are following. Hi, I was diagnosed with LS about 12 years ago but didn't have any treatment. Lately I have had trouble passing urine So I took myself off to the gynae and my LS is worse with the labia fused and gone, the clitoris completely fused over and the vaginal opening almost non existent. It has also spread to my perineum and anal area.
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Psoriasis, a common skin condition, is often found on the elbows, knees, scalp, and nails. In psoriasis, the skin appears silvery with scaly patches. Psoriasis can occur in the vulva without affecting other areas of the body. The disorder occurs commonly on the labia majora and often spreads to the groin folds and the mons pubis. Psoriasis lesions on the vulva can appear as they do on other areas of the body, or they can be salmon pink with a very well-demarcated edge.

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